Jefferson Day?

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The JAC is very happy to announce that with the cooperation of the Township of Jefferson’s Administration and Council, the 31st annual event will be renamed The Jefferson Township Food Truck Festival, Concert, and Fireworks, the entire event will be free with no admission or parking fees, and it will take place on the Jefferson Township High School fields located at 1010 Weldon Road in Milton/Oak Ridge as it has for three decades. The modified and new exciting format will be implemented on Saturday, July 8, 2017 beginning at 5 pm with the Food Truck Festival and a DJ, a main stage concert featuring the British Invasion Years, followed by a huge aerial fireworks display at 9:30 pm. (see "Press Release" section for details) It is the hope of the Jefferson Arts Committee (JAC) that the community will welcome and support the new plan. In addition, Trout Unlimited will host a Youth Fishing Derby at 1 pm and the JAC will host its annual Irish Road Bowling Tournament at 3 pm. 

For more info visit:

Barn next to the North Dam on Berkshire Valley Road before remediation work which will be started in 2016.

Barn next to the North Dam on Berkshire Valley Road before remediation work which will be started in 2016.


If you have any questions regarding beach and boating use, contact Dick Schweighardt at 201-874-7458.  Dick will be managing the beach, maintenance activities, and the weeding program this year.  Once again he will be at the beach on a regular basis to ensure that members have their beach tags and are entitled to use the lake facilities.  The beach has undergone a major facelift, with more improvements to come. Progress is being made to create a focal point for our lake living activities.

Beach tags and boat stickers will be handed out in June 2015, so that members in good standing can use the beach or lake throughout the year.  You should receive your tags and stickers. If you do not, please contact our Treasurer to determine your open balance. Remember, LSHA tags must be worn or with you in any season, whenever you are using the lake or beach. You could be asked to leave the lake for lack of proper ID. We have authorized the Township Police department to access our LSHA property. Trespassing complaints will be signed and the individual(s) will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

If you use the beach or lake area, please use the what you bring - you take policy. If you bring it in, please take it out. No glass is permitted on the beach. In order to avoid unwanted visitors (critters) from coming to the beach, the least amount of refuse should be in the area. Children under the age of 12 are not allowed on the beach or lake without parental supervision at any time. Using balls, bats, or throwing any objects is not permitted. 

To comply with NJ health codes, please keep dogs off the beach. Our sand should not be contaminated with animal urine or droppings. As per health codes, swimming diapers and clothing must be on children. Please review the LSHA Rules and Regulations so that you are aware of all of the requirements. Please comply with the LSHA Rules and Regulations that are posted at the beach. Click here for New Jersey Bather Rules.

Also, please place your boat stickers on each of your watercraft. Dick Schweighardt can provide you more LSHA boat stickers and 2015, if needed. Without proper ID, you will be asked to leave the beach and water.

If you are a member in good standing (dues, interest, fees, and assessments are up to date) and have not received your tags, contact Dick as listed above.


The Lake Swannanoa Home Owners Association is pleased to announce its Improve the Quality of Life Campaign (QoL). The campaign is based upon improving and insuring that quality of life issues that have negative effects upon a neighborhood are reported quickly to the appropriate authorities for rectification and resolution. Check out the How Do I PDF for direction to the appropriate agencies to handle specific situations.  Residents can also can contact the LSHA to ask for an advocate to correct a condition which diminishes the quality of life – for example: garbage in yards, dogs roaming freely, or tree limbs and debris blocking passage on the roads.  The Association cannot take direct action to these incidents, but the Quality of Life Campaign Chair will direct these reported incidents to the appropriate agencies.

Already the LSHA is working with the Jefferson Police Department on a number of identified quality of life issues affecting the lake community such as:  excessive speed on the narrow roads, failure to come to full stops at stop signs, unregistered and uninsured vehicles in the community. Due to the significant number of children within the community, speeding is a real concern for all.  In an attempt to mitigate speeding, the LSHA has purchased 25 red signs "Drive Like Your Kids Live Here" and has distributed the signs among members and non-members.  The LSHA through the office of Ptrl. Davis of the Jefferson Police has arranged for citizens to call the department and report speeding or vehicular incidents anonymously. Just say to the dispatcher that you want no personal information broadcast. 

Due to a spate of burglaries in the community, the LHSA is asking everyone that sees something unusual or suspicious to call the Jefferson Police immediately and report the occurrence. The LHSA is capitalizing on the already well know phrase “See something, Call someone - - Call the JT Police” at 973-697-1300.  Help keep our children and home safe and keep our neighborhoods pristine.

“I like to see a man proud of the place in which he lives. I like to see a man live so that his place will be proud of him."
– Abraham Lincoln


American Bald Eagles are regular visitors to the lake. They frequently visit our shores and tree line. Recently there have been multiple sightings of adult and adolescent bald eagles around the lake. We are trying to find the birds nesting area to ensure that the endangered species has a happy an healthy life in our community. If you are aware of the birds' nesting area or see them, please contact NJDEP Division of Fish & Wildlife. Click here to report your sighting.


Dear Sirs or Madams:

For any listings within the Lake Swannanoa Community, if the homeowner has not disclosed their status, you will need to check if the residence being listed is a covenant signer of the Lake Swannanoa Home Owners Association (LSHA). If so, you should ask them if their account is in good standing. If their account is not in good standing, a lien has or could have been placed on the residence and the outstanding balance must be paid to insure clear title to the property. Your actions will insure there are no surprises as the sale progresses.

There are a few residences with lakeside property that are not members of the LSHA and as such do not have any rights or privileges that association members have. The LSHA owns a ten-foot strip around the lake. You can not advertise these properties as lakefront.   Owners of non-covenant residences are in violation of trespassing law if they attempt to use the lake for any purpose whatsoever. For these properties, new homeowners must become covenant owners so that they may enjoy all the benefits of lakefront living.  You must notify purchasers of this requirement.

It has been brought to our attention that several listing in local papers highlight Lake Swannanoa residences for sale. We suggest you contact the Association Treasurer to insure that the listed property is, or is not, a covenant signer. In order to receive account status and balances, upon receipt of signed release authorization from a covenant property owner, the association can provide up to date information on the status of the individual's account.

Through regular communications and public meetings, the homeowner is kept apprised of all concerns that affect the lake community. Any information regarding community issues should be garnered from the homeowner or public information sources. On the advice of counsel, the association does not provide informational updates on issues to non-owners. It is the homeowner's responsibility to disclose all information to their realtor and buyers.  Likewise, realtors must make a full disclosure to their clients.

Please circulate this notice to all of your agents. Thanking you in advance for your cooperation.

Respectfully Yours,
LSHA Board of Directors


Dear Members:

The use of our lake has increased.  In order to maintain the quality of the lake and its use by authorized Lake Association Members, we are asking that members are diligent insuring that lake privileges are only enjoyed by Members in Good Standing.

If you see a boat on the lake or people using the beach, without the proper tags, please ask them if they have them.  Members are required to have the appropriate tags on display.  If they do not have them, please politely ask them to leave and remind them that the lake is maintained for dues paying members only. The boats must have the proper boat tag for identification and each individual in the boat must have a beach/fishing badge displayed.  If they refuse to leave do not be confrontational, simply please call Jefferson Police 973-697-1300 who have permission to enter our properties to help enforce trespassing laws.

If the individual claims to have paid their dues and have not been issued the appropriate tags, please get their name and phone number and provide that information to Dick Schweighardt:  201-874-7458.  Regardless, if they do not have the appropriate tags, they must cease using lake privileges.  The local police authorities will be contacted and asked to take appropriate action.

People who use the lake for free are stealing services from those who pay.  Thanking you in advance for your cooperation.

Respectfully Yours,
LSHA Board of Directors