2016 Winner was awarded at the LSHA Board Meeting 6/21!

  • Lake Swannanoa Homeowners Association Scholarships


Lake Swannanoa is pleased to announce an expansion of the LSHA Scholarship program  for 2017.

Thanks to  the  success  of  the  LSHA  Fundraising  Rummage  Sale  in  April  2016, an  additional  scholarship  will  be  offered  this  year  to  an  accomplished  and deserving  student.

LSHA  2017  scholarships:


Lake  Swannanoa  Community  Recognition  Scholarship

1. $500

2. Awarded  to a graduating  senior  of  Jefferson  Township  High  School with  a  3.0  minimum  GPA,  who  has served  the  community  via  a  service project  or  activity.

3. Applications are  available  at  JTHS  Guidance  Dept.  Interested  local students  should  see  their  counselor.

4. .Deadline  is  April  3,  2017.


Lake  Swannanoa  Environmental  Studies  Scholarship

1.  $500

2. Awarded  to a graduating  high  school  senior,  undergraduate  or  graduate student  who  is pursuing  a  career  in  Environmental  Studies  or  a  related field.

3. Applications can  be  found  on  the  LSHA  website. http://lakeswannanoa.squarespace.com/scholarship/

4. Deadline  is  April  28,  2017.


For  any additional  questions about  the  LSHA  scholarship,  contact  LSHA Scholarship  Chair,  Jean  O’Toole  at jeanfedora@hotmail.com  

Additional  members  of  the  LSHA  scholarship  committee  are  always welcome.  Please  contact  Jean  to get  involved!   

Scholarship  monies  are fundraised  through  the  LSHA  Spring  Rummage  Sale and  Yoga  on  the  Beach  in  order  to provide  the  scholarships.    

Donations are needed  for  the  upcoming  spring  LSHA  rummage  sale  which  will  take  place April  7th  –  April  9th.  Contact  Jean  if  you  have  items  to donate  or  would  like  to assist  as a  volunteer  during  the  rummage  sale  917-405-0596. 


Scholarships will be awarded and posted by June 10, 2017.


Name of student:________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Intended or declared major:___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Address of student:___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Contact phone number of student:   _________________________________________________________________________________________             

Email of student:________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Year of high school graduation:___________________________________________________________________________________________________

College attending or planning to attend:_________________________________________________________________________________

Also required:

Copy of current academic transcript

500 word essay answering ONE of the following questions:

“Why are you choosing to pursue a career in environmental studies or a related field?”

“Describe a project you have participated in to better the environment.”

“What in your opinion is the most important environmental issue facing our country or our world?”

At this time there is not an option to email your application.

Mail application, transcript and essay to:

Lake Swannanoa Home Owners Association

PO BOX 2385

Oak Ridge, NJ 07438