From the Top of the Spillway

Volume 1, issue 4 winter 2016 newsletter of the LSHA

Dear Members: It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to the duly elected board of directors and the individuals who will be holding the 5 key offices of the 2017 board. They are as follows:

President Aly Wiegman, Vice President Tom Scalora, Treasurer Stephen O’Toole, Corresponding Secretary Aly Wiegman, Recording Secretary Ben Jackson. The contact information for all the board members will be on the LSHA website in the next 5 days.

With the winter season fast approaching several key items to take notice of. First and foremost is the e-mailing/mailing (US Mail) of the spring dues invoice, please check your e-mail and mailboxes for the invoices. Spring dues are set at $400.00 if you would like to pay the entire amount of our dues it is $800.00 for the year.

Ice fishing, skating etc. beach tags need to be worn at all times to identify you as a paid-up member. Usage of the lake in the winter is at your own risk, be attentive to the thickness of the ice and avoid open waters at all times. Remember we are a catch and release lake.

The 2017 Road Map that was presented at the November meeting needs volunteers to help out and it is never too early to sign up for any of the projects identified in 2017. Please contact the President or the Corresponding Secretary to do so.

Christmas at the Barn was a huge success with several member families joining together for the tree decoration, Christmas Cheer. Pictures will be posted on the website in a bit. Geoff Miller is our new web master.

Geoff will be reaching out to you for pictures as he redesigns the web site for 2017.

Have you noticed that we are continuing our e-mail weather blasts and updates that we receive from the township. If you do not want to receive them pls let the corresponding secretary know via e-mail and we will delete your name. Adversely, if you want to add additional names please let us know and we will be pleased to do so.

Check the website and the bulletin sign for updates on meeting times/dates/locations. Remember the next meeting is set for January 20,2017 at the Library regarding the lake management plan.

See you on a safely frozen lake! Please wear your badges! Safe and Happy Holiday’s Your Board of Directors

The meeting for January is scheduled for January 17, 2016 at the library to continue the discussion on allocating funds for Princeton Hydro’s 5 year lake management study and proposal. This plan will go thru 2022 and provide a detailed analyst, strategy and tactics needed to insure the continued viability of our lake.

Keep a weathered eye out for the date of the meeting. The price of the study is pegged at $14,000.00 in addition to our weed management budget for 2017.

Have a Merry Christmas/ Happy Chanukah and a Happy Healthy New Year. Make a New Year’s resolution to volunteer to assist on a project in 2017.

Your Board of Directors

Volume 1/ Newsletter 1.2 Summer 2016


The last several months has seen a virtual whirlwind of activity in the lake community. The barn is in the final stage of restoration with the interior being cleaned and painted. We are getting ready to kick off our summer movie program for the family once we are finished.

 We held our first annual scholarship rummage sale/Restore the Boat House and raised over $1,000.00 to be distributed to the LSHA scholarship and the “Restore the Boat House Fund”. Work has started on re-landscaping the beach for the inaugural season of the new “Swannanoa Beach Club”, with market umbrellas, chaise lounges and the newly extended dock.

 Plans call for the beach landscaping to be finished by June 15th, so check your e-mail for the beach opening party shortly thereafter. Summer dues are in flight and by paying your dues before July 1, you will receive a “Swannanoa Beach Club” canvas bag as a thank you for supporting your lake community.

 Yoga (Jean O’Toole) on the beach is back on June 2th and it’s free to you, our members, check your e-mail for the start date and time as it was sent out already. The outstanding “Jazz in the Cove” (Steve O’Toole and the Newton High School Jazz Band) is back for the third year, come by water in anything that floats. It’s free!!! Listen to the jazz orchestra on June 12th starting at 3:30PM from the lake’s south cove (Cayuga Trail & Berkshire Valley Road).

 As your drive on Berkshire Valley Road doing your errands, to and from work, check out the newly minted Lake Swannanoa sign near the junction of Berkshire Valley Road and Manor Drive.

 The Quality of Life Program is working well with the township in identifying those properties that are not being maintained according to the township code. The town is pursuing the process outlined in the ordinance. Any questions please contact our Quality of Life Board Member Geoff Miller (contact info is on the web site).

New weed management firm, Solitude Lake Management of Hackettstown, is new the vendor we are working with to control the weeds in both the north lake and the south lake. Ben Jackson, our resident weed expert, is interfacing with the new firm. Results are very positive to date and we look forward to a summer of reduced weeds.

Did you know you can rent the beach for private parties? You have a special event that you want to host at the beach. Weekdays and Weekends after 5:00PM in July and August. Prior to July the beach is available during the day. We provide a lifeguard for safety during the event. Contact Al Salzano for details (contact info is on the web site).

We are planning a beach opening party on Saturday, June 25, 2016 kicking off at 11:00am and running to 2:00PM (Notice to be e-mailed/mailed soon). It will be catered by the Daily Dish and all you need to bring is you and the family. Plus, what you would like to drink, a beach chair to sit in. Rain date is Sunday, June 26th 2016. Come to the beach to pick up your 2016 beach and boat tags and a free canvas tote with “Swannanoa Beach Club” imprinted on it when you pay your dues.

 All you fisherman for the first time in a long time we are restocking the lake with: channel catfish, brown trout, and wall eye pike over the next few weeks. Please remember we encourage catch and release fishing protocols.

 Keep checking our website for the latest goings on as well as our new sign! Look forward to those Aly Wiegman informative e-mails that are full of timely information.

 See you on the lake!

 Your Board of Directors

March 2016, Volume 1, Issue 2


Dear members:

Spring has finally arrived and your association is continuing its restorative program of strengthening the lake community, driving towards the goal to be the place to live in north western Morris County.

What has been accomplished, what is planned and what does the future hold? Many of the board members are stopped and asked questions by you the members, as well as hearing your positive comments about what is occurring with your lake association.

Due to the warm winter season we were able to achieve several major milestones. First was the restoration of the barn at the north dam.

New windows were installed. A new roof replaced the over 100-year-old one. Additionally, the damaged ceiling was repaired, the barn will be cleaned top to bottom in the next month or so. Once the temperature rises the interior will be painted and we can begin to use the barn as a 3 season event building for general membership meetings, Family Movie Night on Friday’s, juried photography contests and art contests this summer and fall seasons.

A new banister has been crafted to allow us to safely use the second floor for dry and secure storage space. It will be installed just prior to the painting project.

A number of members as well as nonmembers have commented positively on the up-to-date information flow that your corresponding secretary Aly Wiegman broadcasts via e-mail blasts. The most appreciated item is the “weather report updates”. These emails get forwarded not only to folks here in town but to adjacent towns as well.

The board is very excited about the next several months and what will be undertaken. Let us list them for you:

·      LSHA Rummage Sales April 23 & 24th at the Barn and along the grassy area of the north dam. The funds raised will be used to restore the boat house. Contact Jean O ‘Toole to drop off donations at the barn (973-405-0596)

·      LSHA has posted a scholarship application on our website for environmental students, open to applicants both graduating seniors in high school to 3rd (going into senior year) college students on a national basis. Funds raised were from our Yoga on the Beach Program.

·      Coming soon is the newly outfitted, newly landscaped “Swannanoa Beach Club”. Hurricane Sandy took all our trees and all our shade. The board has been accumulating over the last year 9-foot market umbrellas, deeply padded chaise lounges for the beach club. Once we execute our landscape plans and open the beach it will be awash in a terra cotta color for your use. The landscape plans call for a second sitting area to be carved from the hill with wooden steps that will allow for an easy climb to the parking lot.

·      Speaking of the parking lot it will be outfitted with railroad ties to allow for more vehicles to park in a safe and secure manner.

·      Dock expansion in the swimming area: We have contracted to add additional dockage attached to last year’s dock which will completely delineate the swimming area at the beach. The existing dock gets a great deal of use and by adding another 20 feet this will allow for even more usage during the season.

·      Landscaping is targeted for mid-May, and we need your help so when the clarion calls, mark the date (rain date as well) and gather your shovels, rakes and gloves for a day of shrub planting. Refreshments and lunch sustenance will be provided on site, so get ready to make your planting reservations.

·      Signage is coming, we will have a sign that highlights the lake and advises you the members of upcoming events. It will be placed on BKV near the north dam and it will comply with all the township ordinances. Lighting will be done by solar lights. It is a double sided sign that can be seen as you travel either north or south on BKV.

·      Quality of Life program is meeting with the township administration to discuss the new property management ordnance, unregistered vehicle issues, and debris piles (construction, card board boxes, tree cutting debris etc.) The board has taken the position that with all the taxes being paid, the payment assessment and the taxes that the LSHA pays there is no rational reason to allow foreclosed properties or debris filled properties to drive down the real estate value of our homes. We will keep you up to date on this issue going forward.

·      Spring membership meeting as of this writing is in the process of being set (date/time/location). An e-mail will be forthcoming with all the relevant information.

·      Dues payment update. We are almost at 100% paid up dues and have increased our seasonal membership as well. If you forgot to pay your spring dues, please do so. Unfortunately, you will be charged late fees as well as interest on your dues since it is so late in the season. We cannot issue any 2016 badges if you are in arrears until your account is brought current. You will need to pay spring (with all fees due) and summer before you can use the lake.


Your Board of Directors


January 2016, Volume 1, Issue 1

Dear members:

We wanted to insure that we are keeping you all up to date on what is occurring with our lake community.

So we restarting our newsletter titled: From the Top of the Spillway.  Those members who may remember we did write a newsletter in years past under the same title. So 2016 is the year we are bringing back the newsletter to you. It will be published 3 to 4 times a year. This is Volume 2016 Issue #1.


From the Top of Spillway

First of all, we invite all of you to attend a board meeting where there is a plethora of ideas discussed, committees being formed and healthy open discussions on where our lake community should evolve into.

Yes, it is dues season and we encourage all of you to get your dues in by the deadline to avoid the late fee and the 1.5% interest charge. Payment is due NLT 1/31/2016.

New committees have been formed and they are;

Roberta Smath is our lake historian and she is looking for old photos, lake articles etc. If you have any please contact Roberta so she can create the Lake Swannanoa Historical Book.  Please send your historical items to the LSHA P.O. Box 2385, Oak Ridge, NJ 07438 and we will get them to Roberta.

Don Freeman is our lake photographer and will be posting various photos to our web page as the year progresses. Don’s e-mail address is, if you have any photos to share pls send them to Don.


Bob D’ Angiolilio is chairing the telephone campaign and is looking for 6 volunteer members to divide the list up. Please reach out to Bob @


A scholarship (Jean O’Toole is the chairperson) has been created (from the Yoga on the Beach Funds) for those students who are either a graduating high school senior up to a junior in college who is studying environmental sciences. The scholarship will be posted on the website and available to any student in the United States.

Why go national? Good question and the answer is quite simple. We want to drive clicks to our website so that over a period of time we can use the website as an advertising vehicle to generate income for the LSHA. So we offer the scholarship on a national basis and utilize one of your board members contacts at major universities and high schools across the country.

Geoff Miller has assumed the role of Quality of Life Board Member. As such if you are concerned about speeders in your neighborhood, unlicensed cars, empty houses in disrepair and debris piles, you can e-mail Geoff or the board and we will work with the appropriate enforcement officer to resolve your complaint. Geoff can be reached @



 Over the next several weeks as your drive past the north dam you will see the next phase of the infrastructure repair and remediation starting.

We have contracted for new windows in the barn and a new roof. The plan is to create a 3 season building which can be used for a whole new set of functions, such as: Family Movies on Friday nights; popcorn and refreshments will be available (we have a member who is a projectionist), plans call for a juried photo contest and a juried art show in the fall of 2016. Open to all aspiring artists and photographers, more details to follow.


The first annual rummage sale will be held on the lawn in front of the North Dam (across from the carriage house pictured above) with funds earmarked for restoration of the boat house. Timing is mid-April and Jean O’Toole is chairing the event.

Donations are needed see below:

We need donations and volunteers for the rummage sale along with folding tables that can be borrowed for event. Wanted: clothes, handbags, toys, tools, housewares, decor, art, books, records, CDs and small furniture pieces. Please no electronics, VHS or large furniture items. Contact Jean to arrange pick up of items or 917-405-0596. "

A bit of warm weather news as well. We are rebranding the beach to the “Swannanoa Beach Club” complete with market umbrellas, chaise lounges as well as new landscaping designs. Plans call for a mid-April kickoff of building new walls, spreading mulch and preparing for planting season in May. We will announce a plan that will let you commemorate your family or friend or a loved one by buying a plant and having the name inscribed onto a brick or on to a plaque at the beach. Anticipated timing is at the March GM mtg.

The return to the lake community from upstate New York of the Jackson family is a terrific opportunity for the lake. Ben was elected to the board in November and is the new Chairman of the Weed Program. His expertise on weed removal and his focus on seeking alternative methods to de-weed the north lake is a welcome addition to the lake’s future.

Good News: The Mijanovic’s are back on the lake in their newly build home, finally returning after the devastating fire.  Please welcome back Tracey and Jovan and the children.

Sad News: A long time lake resident and volunteer supporter, Marilyn Reitzel has passed away. Marilyn was a retired teacher, a published writer, a walker and a dedicated garage sale person. She will be sorely missed by all of us. Services are private per the family’s request.

She and husband Ron sat under the shade trees at the beach quietly reading all summer long. Godspeed, Marilyn.

In closing, we as Swannanoan’s can be very proud of what has been accomplished and with an eye towards the future as to what is possible for our lake community. The mythological Phoenix comes to mind that we have pulled our community, our lake, out of the ashes and are on the road to a better community, an inspiring lake atmosphere, but most of all a caring and giving community that pays it forward as a way of saying Thank you for what we have.


Your Board of Directors


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