Annual Dues - payments are due January 31st and June 30th of each year for all LSHA Members.

Seasonal Members (known as SAMs explained below) - payments are due March 31st of each year.


At Lake Swannanoa, a variety of membership opportunities are offered to fit the diverse lifestyles of our residents. Homeowners whose properties border Lake Swannanoa and properties incorporated in the Ringling Manor Estates Maps as filed in the Morris County Clerks Office are eligible for membership. All lakefront properties must be covenant members and are not eligible for any other form of membership.  

The lake is controlled by covenant member families who sign a covenant, pay fees and annual dues, contribute work hours, and have voting benefits associated with membership. Annual Dues are payable in two installments due January 30th and June 30th each year. The dues pay for annual operating expenses (weeding, insurance, security, taxes, etc.).  Beginning in 2016 a fee was added for postage and handling of all paperwork sent to members via the postal service. Lakefront property owners must sign a covenant to access the lake from their property. For information and current cost of this membership, please contact us.  

Covenant Membership

Covenant members and their families are entitled to full use of the facilities, including the lake, beaches, docks, and pump house.  They can enjoy swimming, boating, sailing, summer and winter fishing, ice skating, hockey, playgrounds, horseshoes, and social events.  Eligible property owners not already covered by the existing covenant may acquire covenant (voting) rights by signing the covenant and paying any costs and transfer fees, in addition to their annual dues.

Special Auxiliary Memberships (SAM)

Special Auxiliary Memberships will not have voting rights and will not be able to hold office. Dues will be billed and payable annually during March of each year and are not transferable. A limited number of Community SAMs will be available to people living outside of Ringling Manor Estates.

SAM TYPE I:  available to off-lake homeowners who do not wish to sign the Covenant but desire to enjoy the benefits of lake membership on a calendar year usage basis.

  • Family:$425 for the year
  • Couple membership:$375 for the year
  • Single membership:$350 for the year

SAM TYPE II: Available to those off-lake homeowners who only desire lake usage privileges during the summer period, i.e., end of the school year through Labor Day.

  •  Family:$375 for the summer
  • Couple membership:$325 for the summer
  • Single membership:$300 for the summer

SAM TYPE III:  Limited usage of posted access trails. This membership does not permit for boating, fishing, swimming, ice skating, or other activities on or about the waters of Lake Swannanoa.  Lake trail usage privileges during the summer period, i.e., end of the school year through Labor Day.

  • $75 per person

*BOAT RACK RENTAL: $50 per season (rental season will correspond to SAM membership type) on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

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